What’s The Point (of this blog)?

You’ve most probably seen those articles or social media posts with the person when they were overweight and then next to that picture is another one with them now considerably slimmer and maybe even quite a bit more muscular.

It’s like that – only also not like that.

Let me explain, because if I didn’t this would be both short and pointless.

I’m going to be using the term overweight – even though I do not like it – because for the moment it’s useful, before we go for a deep dive later in the blog.

I did used to be overweight, more overweight that the picture on this page suggests. But given I did not know back then I would lose the weight, go to the gym, take photos and blog about it, I did not have the foresight to take a photo of myself at my biggest looking sad. Although I am looking sad in that photo – that was for comic effect. It’s long story.

Nor did I keep my 40inch waist jeans to do a hilarious photo with my slimmer self in them, next to my wife/child/pet/pot plant.

Anyone would think I didn’t plan this.

But the fact is, I was big, then I lost weight – but then I put I back on again, but (is that too many buts) then I lost it again.

However (it’s like but, but posher) I always feel like I don’t look like those other guys I see in magazines, or on the internet, or even in the gym next to me.

I don’t have six-pack, I mean that is hard to get, right?

I’m quite hairy, and not just in the places it’s deemed acceptable.

I get spots – for goodness sake I am 38 and I still get spots – the “don’t worry it’s a teenage thing” was a lie.

I go to the gym, and watch my diet, because I enjoy it, and hope, along with other stuff, it makes me a better version of myself.

So the point, if there is a point of this, is to try and convey the good stuff and the bad of my fitness, and share my attempts to keep in shape, and get in better shape.

Feel free to email or tweet any thoughts or comments, about the blog, not just general ones

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