How Many People See You Naked Anyway?

I have to be honest when I take my clothes off it is something of a disappointment.

I work hard at the gym, I eat right most of the time, and don’t drink or smoke. If you thinking that makes me boring then you can take a running jump quite frankly. But anyway…

It’s a weird phenomenon – when I’m wearing clothes, I feel good in them, and I think I look good in them (my fashion sense aside – did you see the orange belt on the other post!).

But, when I rip my clothes off at night, and pop on my Christmas themed slipper socks and dressing gown (remember – not boring) that doesn’t seem to be reflected when I look in the mirror.

That was a mirror pun.

I think I must have dropped something on the floor

I still have love handles, or a bit of a spare tyre, or whatever the actually medical term for it is. I’m not quite a triangular as my gym contemporaries, and I don’t have a six-pack.

Does any of that matter though?

We spend our time worrying about being “beach-body ready” when actually how long do we spend on the beach? If we go on holiday abroad it might be two weeks, if we go on holiday in the UK, it might be two hours.

I live in Northamptonshire – the nearest beach to me is Hunstanton, and that’s 4 hours away and to be beach-body ready for Hunstanton you need a pair of wellies and kagool.

To me what matters is feeling good. I think that looking good is nice by-product of that. If I achieve some the goals of a six pack etc fine – but if I don’t feel good doing it, then to me it seems pointless, unless you’re being paid of course.

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