Events, dear boy, events

It’s a quote attributed to former Prime Minister Harold Macmillan – although, as with a lot of the best quotes, he might not have actually said it.

But the sentiment sticks: What ever plans you have, they can easily be derailed by unforeseen events. If we knew they were coming they wouldn’t be unforeseen would they.

So this week my fitness plans were seriously impinged by my car stopping working. It’s personal problem which I don’t really want to bore you with. This isn’t a blog about the tedious, fairly regular things, that happen in my life.

It meant my usual routine was completely messed up. Oh no, what am I going to do? Not much, what can I do? You’ve just got to – in word of Oasis – roll with it. There are bigger things to worry about and I know that I’ll get back on the fitness horse soon enough.

That’s the point, this isn’t my job, so missing a couple of days, a week, even a month isn’t the end of the world. No-one is going to look at you and go “oh you haven’t been to the gym for two days” or however long it is.

Actually I regularly try and have a week off here and there, especially around holidays. You don’t want to ruin a family game of Dobble by going off and doing a few press ups.

Did you you wipe this down?

So then on to the Coronavirus – what a seamless link.

The headline in papers yesterday read: “Gyms are a high-risk location for coronavirus to spread, doctor warns – saying ‘big blokes pumping away’ could be ‘super spreaders'”

What is this Carry On Coronavirus.

Anyway, from what appears to happening in other countries – and despite the sensible precautions that most (if not all, I can’t visit every single one) gyms are taking – going to the gym may be prohibited.

If, and it’s big if, that happens, it happens. There are more important things than my routine, my timetable, my gains, etc.

There are things in life you need to take seriously, missing the gym is not one of them. Seriously.

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