Lockdowns and ups

I haven’t written anything for the blog in a while. There are few reasons for this, but to start with I lacked motivation. At the beginning of lockdown I found the desire to exercise waning and, like most people, I wasn’t entirely sure how long it would go on for and exactly what would be affected.

To be honest that lethargy didn’t last too long and soon I found myself back in the saddle (metaphorically) and doing a few home workouts. When it became apparent this was going to be months rather than weeks I thought I would get some home gym – yeah, me and half the country – so no luck there. I had to make do with a couple of kettlebells, a gym mat and a big log I found in the garden.

The “home gym” – log not pictured

I could have written about that – coming up with a home programme, finding the time, discovering body weight exercises etc. But I hope I am aware the coronavirus lockdown has been very different for people – and the last thing I want to do was write something smug about how I was staying in shape despite the gyms being closed.

As I think I have explained before this blog is about my own perspectives on health, exercise and diet, because I believe that my own experiences aren’t completely reflected from other blogs, articles and social media post out there. But as lockdown progressed I saw a lot of people posting about garden/home workouts, running, walking and cycling. That is great, and really I had nothing to add – I did some workouts at home – went running (which I will write about another time) – and have returned to the gym now they have re-opened.

Yes, I’m wearing a mask

But I’m sure for some it’s not been that straightforward. Other responsibilities, such as taking care of children not in school, got in the way – maybe life in a general – and of course a whole lot of people have actually had Covid-19. So what I didn’t want to write something that said hey look at me, I’m doing okay when you might not be.

So, yes, I did do okay during lockdown, few ups and downs, but nothing major. But I didn’t start a new business, I didn’t learn a new skill and most certainly did not bake any banana bread.

I used to bake banana bread… before it was cool.

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